What We Do at Align Financial

What We Do

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Communication and trust is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about developing long-term relationships, standing beside you through the many changes that life inevitably holds for us all. We understand you and your needs because we share many of them, too. From financial priorities like retirement, or educating our kids, to other goals like career aspirations and creating a sense of community at home and at work, we view everything from a place of unity and understanding.

We make working with us as accessible as possible through our transparent fee-based services. We also hold fiduciary status, meaning we’re legally bound to put your best interests first, always. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, so you can feel confident that your money is being used to serve YOU, not us.

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Sharing in your journey is what drives us to provide the highest quality service. We want the best for you, and are passionate about providing results that help set you on course for a life of financial confidence.

Included Services
Financial Planning and Priority Setting - Align Financial
Financial Planning and Priority Setting

This is where we identify what matters most to you. What are you trying to accomplish? What concerns you most? And of course – what’s top of mind? We’ve noticed that even if there’s a bigger financial issue at play, sometimes we just need to identify the most pressing one before we can move on to the bigger picture.

Tax and Estate Planning - Align Financial
Tax and Estate Planning

While we don’t actually complete your taxes or write your will or trust for you, we do spend time understanding your current tax return and estate plan and how unexpected life changes might impact those plans. We proudly partner with leading local CPAs, and attorneys to be sure our clients get the best advice.

Cash Flow Analysis and Budget Support - Align Financial
Cash Flow Analysis and Budget Support

All good planning starts from awareness. While we don’t require you to set up a budget, or even stick to one – we want to be sure we understand our client’s income and spending – now and in the future. We use a customized method to help you ensure that your money is successfully aligned with your life and your priorities.

Retirement and Life Planning - Align Financial
Retirement and Life Planning

We help you understand your lifestyle today, and how that might translate into retirement given your current saving, spending and income. We also examine how you spend time, and how that will change in retirement. Each situation is unique, and we help you craft a meaningful life post-employment that you can feel proud of.

Investment Analysis, Strategy and Implementation - Align Financial
Investment Analysis, Strategy and Implementation

Investments don’t have to be complicated. We’re committed to helping you understand what you own and how building wealth and financial security works. As such, we developed a simple but sophisticated and disciplined approach to investing, and purposely guide your through it so you can easily understand what’s happening.

Risk Management - Align Financial
Risk Management

There are many risks to achieving financial independence. That might be losing a job, getting sick, extended stays in healthcare facilities, or even death. There are many ways to mitigate risk, but no matter what you decide to do about the risks, we make sure you understand how they affect your personal financial situation.

Employer Benefit and Retirement Plan Revi - Align Financial
Employer Benefit and Retirement Plan Reviews

We help with all aspects of your financial life, not just those we manage. That’s why we review your outside accounts, and offer advice on employee or executive benefit packages and retirement accounts. We act as a sounding board during contract negotiations, and feel privileged to be included in these important decisions.

Financial Organization and Security - Align Financial
Financial Organization and Security

We provide one secure client portal coordinated with all your accounts to offer a streamlined view of your net worth. We have a shared, secure digital file cabinet where you can store important documents and send things to us. We offer best practice suggestions on file organization, and help you protect yourself from identity theft.

Real Estate Planning - Align Financial
Real Estate Planning

A sale or purchase of real estate can be one of the biggest decisions of our lives. Too often it’s driven by emotion rather than proper planning. We work with you to ensure purchases are viewed within the context of your goals, while also offering clarity and perspective during what can be a very fraught experience.