Tanya Nichols founder of Align Financial
Align your money with your life


We know how to help bring the pieces of your world together.

Here at Align Financial we have carefully crafted a simple but deeply impactful approach to wealth management. We’ll help connect your money to your life in a way that feels right to you and your family.

We help tell YOUR story, not ours

After nearly two decades of experience in wealth management, we understand that helping you tell your story is more important than telling ours. That’s why we work to understand your life and your money. We’ll help outline the next chapter for your near and longterm priorities, and stand with you through life’s ever-changing story.


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Founder Tanya Nichols is one of only seven Certified Financial Planners who form the CFP Board’s Council on Examinations in Washington D.C. We are on the front lines of the profession, allowing us to bring the latest industry thinking to our clients’ personal financial situations.


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Our objective is to bring our very best selves to everything we do. We strive to stay ahead of the curve, challenging outdated “we’ve always done it this way” attitudes and culture. We use our depth of wisdom and experience to break down barriers and bring new life to the financial industry.


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We’ve cultivated a core network of talented and like-minded professionals, from accountants, realtors, bankers, attorneys, health insurance agents and other service providers to help advise our clients. Our goal is to ensure we always surround you with the smartest people in any area.


Align Financial Founder Tanya Nichols
Hello and welcome, I’m Tanya Nichols
Founder of Align Financial
Tanya Nichols founder of Align Financial

I’ve seen how a healthy relationship between your money and your priorities can make an impact on a person’s life. What I’ve learned is that money isn’t the key to freedom. Awareness of your values and priorities and a willingness to use money as a tool to advance them – that’s the real key to freedom. An outside perspective on this is invaluable, and I think that’s what a good financial planner can really help with.

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A sounding board. A voice. A real partner.

We serve as a sounding board during major life and financial events like divorce, retirement, loss, marriage and organizational change. But we also stand beside you through the smaller, though no less important, occasions. Navigating financial decisions requires more than sophisticated software; it’s about understanding your life and your money, and how these intersect. It’s about imagining your possibilities, and raising your awareness of how to realize them. Life can’t be boiled down to graphs and reports. A real, meaningful relationship with a financial advisor requires thoughtfulness, good judgement and experience to guide you through life’s many chapters.


Tanya Nichols of Align Financial
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