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Who We Serve

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Women who are retired, or close to it

We teach women how to retire to a life they love. We specialize in women (mostly) who are retired or very close to it (typically 5 years or less).

Executives, doctors, and health care administrators

Many of our clients are busy professionals who are close to retirement and trying to make sense of all of their assets and how they can replace their paycheck in retirement. We take pride in staying up to date on relevant employee and executive benefit packages of local organizations like Essentia and St Luke’s, as well as the University of Minnesota and most of the financial institutions.

Diligent saver

While our clients would hardly consider themselves to be “rich”, thanks to a lifetime of diligent saving they have accumulated a retirement nest egg of at least $1,500,000.

Nice, open minded people

We’ve discovered that we work best with nice, open minded people. It sounds simple because it is. Life is too short. Why not have relationships we enjoy?

Looking for a trusted partner

Our clients understand that their financial security is too important to be doing it all themselves, and they understand the value of having personal advice to help them make the best decisions about their money. That gives them more time to create a life they love.


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If this sounds like you, and you have saved at least $1,500,000 towards your retirement, then we’d love to chat with you.

If you don’t quite meet this criteria, don’t worry – there are still ways we can help. We’ve worked hard to ensure we provide a wide range of alternatives so that everyone has the opportunity to gain financial insight and confidence. We have very intentionally limited the number of clients we serve so that each client gets the personalized attention they need.

If you fall outside of our financial minimum then a great next step is to visit Here you will be able to find a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional near you who fits your needs more appropriately. You can also subscribe to our newsletter via the box below to receive free financial articles, advice and guidance, or click here for more options.